from a dream to reality...       

Gege afrohair product

As a child, I was fascinated with hair. My passion evolved, and 13 years ago, I became grounded in professional practice, with a deep concern for natural afro-textured ( Coily) and mixed curly hair underneath weaves, braids and wigs.


I longed for a range of solutions following a string of endless questions from Clients or Associates on hair management and selection of the right product for the right hair type. I delved into a pool of natural mixtures whose components and outcomes I carefully researched. Every human being deserves to have confidence in whatever choice of hairstyle they choose to wear. The most rewarding part of my research is the testimony of my Clients, acknowledging the fact that their hair is healthier and thicker. I also use these products for my own natural hair. So I can experience the results first hand before giving them to you. 

It is with great fulfilment that I unveil StyleMeNatural.


Made from 100% naturally sourced products for Natural hair. 

Pure and simple.